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If you’re tired of the rising costs and sinking benefits health insurance, you’re not alone! Whether you choose ACA-compliant health insurance or alternatives like medical sharing, our specialists are standing by to help you navigate the complex health plans offered today. Let our Healthcare Enrollment Center help you find the healthcare that fits your lifestyle and needs.

Individuals who are 40+ years old, looking for basic medical coverage
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Affordable Health Care FAQ

Is there a tax penalty for not having health coverage?

Starting with tax year 2019, there is no longer a federal penalty for the “individual mandate” portion of the Affordable Care Act. Therefore, Form 1040 does not require the full-year health care coverage or exempt box and Form 8965 is not necessary. However, certain states may require specific healthcare and include penalties.

Are medical health sharing plans exempt from the ACA’s tax penalty?

While there is no current federal tax penalty, the ACA law included Christian health care sharing ministries as a viable healthcare option and made qualifying health shares exempt from the federal individual mandate and any tax penalty. Details within the Affordable Care Act are in Section 1501, page 148.

Why is finding quality, affordable health care so complicated?

Given the amount of health care choices and constant new federal and state legislation, we can understand this frustration. Our licensed agency has been guiding individuals, families and small businesses for decades and we’re confident we can find health care that fits your lifestyle and needs. Whether that’s ACA-compliant plans or modern medical health sharing, our enrollment center is here to help.

Which medical sharing or health plan is right for me and my family?

We invite you to speak to one of our agents for answers to tough healthcare questions — we’ll help find the right coverage for you and your family! Certain products like medical sharing are not for everyone. But with our Healthcare Enrollment Center experts guiding your journey, we can find coverage to fit most needs; including ACA-compliant insurance plans.

Is this site affiliated with christian care ministry or the product medishare?

We are not affiliated with any medical health sharing ministry, including Christian care ministry nor any plan including medishare. Our mission at the Healthcare Enrollment Center is to help you find the best health care by comparing all available options.

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